Strategic Planning

I help teams create a sense of urgency, convene, communicate the vision, empower action, generate wins, and establish new practices. By planning for communication and change, your organization performs and achieves strategic goals and objectives.

Areas of Expertise

  • Communication
  • Change Management


I design learning agendas and knowledge networks that respond to your organization’s needs to coordinate, innovate, adapt, and provide peer support. Developing learning agendas and knowledge networks help your organization discover resources that test and learn from technical approaches and management processes.

Areas of Expertise

  • Learning agenda design
  • Knowledge network design


I keep track of the steps in operational processes and ensure your team remains motivated to reach milestones. I document team conclusions, decisions, and actions and provide roadmaps and agendas so that we know where we have been and where we are going.

Areas of Expertise

  • Process facilitation
  • Meeting facilitation

Let’s Work Together

leah (at) leahdenisewyatt (dot) com